Saturday, July 22, 2017

A Crimson Set of Silver

A Crimson Set of Silver is the first book in the Jake Snow series by Alan Meyers Starkey. It’s about Jake Snow, a wealthy conveyor system expert, contractor and light sport pilot, living in Florida, who while on a flight one day comes across his friend Mark’s plane crashed near a swamp. After finding a spot near by, Jake lands his plane and goes to investigate when he he discovers that mark has been shot and his plane riddled with bullet holes. Jake vows vengeance for Mark’s death and tries to sidestep law enforcement officials as much as possible while trying to find Mark’s killer or killers.

The author displays his enthusiasm and knowledge in his hobbies of music and light sport flying, but sometimes goes too much in depth of light sport fling for the average reader to comprehend. The plot of the story is okay, a little far-fetched with some of the things that he gets by with from the local authorities. The book could have used better editing in order to eliminate the many spelling, grammar and punctuation errors found throughout the book.

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World of Sleuths Rating: ***
(Three out of five stars)

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